Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands

An Action, Adventure Game with crafting, gear upgrades, collectibles and engaging narrative.

In this game you will embark on mysterious journey into the Sacred Lands to partake in the sacred trails. Within these lands, the brave young Elf Rynna will face challenges that no one has ever overcome. Will she succeed? Or will she fail like many who have fallen before her?

- 10+ hours of compelling and enjoyable content. (More content is being made, the playtime may be higher.)
- Good Narrative, many NPCs to converse with.
- Nice variety of monsters, traps and collectables.
- Find Herbs to brew powerful potions and elixirs.
- Upgrade your gear by visiting the helpful NPCs.


Release Date: January 2018
Platforms: PC, Linux, [More platforms will be announced later on]
Game Status: v0.1.5

Gameplay Trailer




Thank you all for voting, The game has been greenlit and all necessary paperwork is now being worked on.
The game will be released January 2018.



Exhibiting at Comiccon Stockholm.

The Game will be exhibited at Comiccon Stockholm 15-17 September. If you are attending please come and checkout my booth.


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